stylish prevention

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with the W.H.O. on the brink of proclaiming a swine flu pandemic, Japanese artist Yoriko Yoshida designed some super cool masks to keep the germs out.

seen on pink tentacle


jesus of the toilet

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Why does so much of my art end up in bathrooms?

this photo was sent to me by AYSF


because the moon was completely dead!!!

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i try not to do too much on new moon days. especially when they are cold and wet like today is.
my indian astrological advisor (who happens to be a tall white man from texas) told me, "The lord of your rising sign is in the 8th house, which represents death. You were born on the new moon day, which represents death. Because the moon was completely dead."
don't believe me.....i recorded it:



Yoga Instructor Still Going Strong at 83

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"I'm proof that if you keep at it, you'll get there. I can do more
now than I could 50 years ago," Mrs Calman said.


you can stay up, if you want

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i am not saying this style is correct or incorrect. my teacher taught me to come down and do vinayasa between each one of these, but he also said it's OK to stay up and do them all...if you want.



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some pieces from taishi~kuns new line

he made all these collage designs from discarded paper

all 100% organic cotton

skinny ties


two great tastes...

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that taste great together
radiohed & alan watts

he takes 1,613 photos....and posts every one of them on flickr






3D anatomy models

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a wolf loves pork

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mind blowing stop motion video by japanese artist
Takeuchi Taijin using takusan shashin. Great music too!


Okonomiyaki in 17 steps

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click on photo for link...
taishi~kun shows us how to prepare delicious traditional
japanese comfort food while visiting kamakura.


Divine Qualities

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8 or 9 years ago i had the great fortune to meet swami Bramhadev at his forest ashram in B.R. hills in Karanataka, South India. His humble and gentle nature, devotion to his teacher swami nirmalananda and the delicious food he lovingly prepared for us made an impression on me that i will never forget. Over the years our paths have crossed a again, and each time he continues to inspire me.

While I was in Mysore in 2007 he made a rare appearance at the yoga shala and invited a few of us for lunch and gave a brief and informal talk afterwards. i caught some of it on video:

in this first video he talks about divine qualities and how they give us more power, more energy, more peacefulness, more ananda, more independence....then you are like king of kings

there is something different than speech
when you are observing deep silence
more tasty and more sweety
sweeter than ice cream
sweeter than any pudding.

my first trip to B.R. Hills with yossi and kate

i returned a few years later with Sharath and his family


New York City Yogis Gotta Pay the Bills Too

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my friend sean took this picture of me at yoyogi park last week. i was doing my most "spiritual" pose, the one in which i look up to the cosmos in a contemplative and all knowing gaze. but as always, i look like some wanna be tough guy from brooklyn. no matter where you go....there you are!

New York City Yogis Gotta Pay the Bills Too, originally uploaded by seanmileslotman.

this is sean....

and this is his BLOG


the buddha and the boss

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a former yakuza boss from the yamaguchi clan finds refuge in lord buddha.
or is he just trying to buy his way into nirvana?
read more "HERE"

first seen on souljerky twitter


Salary Man Man

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My ex~girlfriend warned me not to mess with salaryman man.

more of takashi tanaguchis animated shorts



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There is still time and a few spaces left for those brave and blessed souls who want to join the good people of namarupa magazine and me on a pilgrimage through some of the holy cities of North India. The trip includes Hindu festivals, music programs, temple visits, vegetarian food, daily yoga practice, hiking and camping in the Himalayas, satsang with local swamis and bathing in the sacred river Ganga.
All the details are "HERE"

awesome artwork for the flyers by namarupa co-publisher Robert Moses
(i helped a little)



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I was fortunate to spend a weekend
in Mumbai recently, and in a single
jam-packed day participated in the age-
old traditions that have kept India alive
with vibrant spirituality: temple worship,
teachings of the spiritual masters and
holy festivals celebrated in grand style.

the day began with pre-dawn puja for
Lord Shiva at the Babulnath Temple
in the heart of the city overlooking
the Arabian Sea. Most of my time is
spent in South India where direct deity
worship is only done by the pujaris. So
it is always exceptional to visit temples
where flowers, fruit, milk, sandal paste
and other items are available for visitors
to do their own personal puja and

I then took a short cab ride to visit
the home of Advaita master Ramesh
Balsekar, who, at the age of 91, still
welcomes any and all to his home on
a daily basis for casual satsang and
question-and-answer sessions. He
delivered his straightforward message
on non-dualism with a delightful sense
of humor in the informal atmosphere of
his living room.

That evening, I joined
an overflowing and enthusiastic crowd
of devotees at the Radha Gopinath
Temple, also known as the ISKCON
Hare Krishna Hare Rama Temple, for
Pushya Abhishek to celebrate the first
day of spring. Imagine hour upon hour
of ecstatic chanting, dancing and being
showered with one ton of multicolored
flower petals, some shipped all the way
from Vrindavan. If George Harrison
had thrown a rave, it would have looked
something like this.

In these unsettling
times, ripe with threats of violence,
modernization and materialism, this
single day served as an uplifting and
comforting reminder that the customs
of ancient India are still alive and well
and readily available for all who have a
desire to participate.




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powered by birdsong radio


Nagoya 4/17,18,19

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in case you were wondering about the correct method


Toki Doki

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sometimes i do miss n.Y.c.....and the homies


Beauty & Truth

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i went to yoyogi koen today for ohanami and saw the sakura at their peak...

then i caught a glimpse of what goes on the behind the scenes
during cherry blossom season in tokyo.


horitaku does me, tebori style

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horitaku does tebori style.., originally uploaded by gbSk.

Tebori or traditional Japanese tattoo involves using a set of needles attached to the end of a handle made of wood or metal. The tattooist dips the needles in ink and creates a tattoo by pressing the needles rapidly and rhythmically into the skin. ever since i got work done by horitakus ototosan horizakura (shinji) in nYc i prefer this style to electric machines.
for an extra thrill, TURN UP THE VOLUME.


Alan Watts on *ZEN*

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brilliantly animated by Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park fame
originally posted by Souljerky



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Mishima: A life in Four Chapters



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aum gam ganapataye namaha
i took this picture on mahasivaratri at the dakshin kashi temple in nanjangud