horitaku does me, tebori style

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horitaku does tebori style.., originally uploaded by gbSk.

Tebori or traditional Japanese tattoo involves using a set of needles attached to the end of a handle made of wood or metal. The tattooist dips the needles in ink and creates a tattoo by pressing the needles rapidly and rhythmically into the skin. ever since i got work done by horitakus ototosan horizakura (shinji) in nYc i prefer this style to electric machines.
for an extra thrill, TURN UP THE VOLUME.


luke cassady-dorion said...

Barry! Luke ... from Mysore, 10 million years ago. Are you around in May? I will be in Tokyo, would love to catch up ... I've been thinking about getting a new tattoo for a while, your video is making me want to get it done in Tokyo.

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