Divine Qualities

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8 or 9 years ago i had the great fortune to meet swami Bramhadev at his forest ashram in B.R. hills in Karanataka, South India. His humble and gentle nature, devotion to his teacher swami nirmalananda and the delicious food he lovingly prepared for us made an impression on me that i will never forget. Over the years our paths have crossed a again, and each time he continues to inspire me.

While I was in Mysore in 2007 he made a rare appearance at the yoga shala and invited a few of us for lunch and gave a brief and informal talk afterwards. i caught some of it on video:

in this first video he talks about divine qualities and how they give us more power, more energy, more peacefulness, more ananda, more independence....then you are like king of kings

there is something different than speech
when you are observing deep silence
more tasty and more sweety
sweeter than ice cream
sweeter than any pudding.

my first trip to B.R. Hills with yossi and kate

i returned a few years later with Sharath and his family


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